Our Mission

SCL thrives on teamwork, a highly developed sense of quality, and a never-ending emphasis on the continuous development of our technical and human assets, all geared towards customer satisfaction. SCL has always prioritized investing in its employees and technology, with a constant eye on improving and adding on staff development programs and system automation. Apart from making SCL processes more efficient and competitive, this is SCL’s contribution to the development of technical excellence and professional development in the country.

Our Vision

SCL projects are designed and developed at the cutting-edge, with the optimal balance between the latest technology and economical solutions. This makes SCL solutions affordable yet technologically sound. Our promise of quality is founded on the latest in tools and technologies, customized to client needs, with a conscious regard for their social and environmental impact.

Our Plan

For its highest quality products delivered in its recently on going and completed projects , the company has earned a very unique and distinguished respectable standing among the telecom vendors and operators in Pakistan. Besides the company also enjoys a respected name for its quality in Civil works. SCL operates a state of the art Steel Fabrication and Galvanizing unit, meeting international quality standards.

About Us