Plumbing Service in Islamabad

Looking for a Plumber? We offer a premium plumbing service in Islamabad. No job is too small or big for us. Our Plumbers are skilled, trained and professional, and can do any kind of plumbing job for you. We can do maintenance & repair work as well as tasks related to new construction such as piping (PPR, PVC, GI or rubber) and installation of water heaters, geysers, water motors, pressure pumps, toilet seats etc. So whether you are building or constructing a house, office, or a commercial plaza, or remodeling your property, Electro Engineers ready to service you. Our prices are really affordable and competitive. We also offer Electrical and HVAC Services. Please see our  page for a full list of our services (including further details).

Plumbing Work
Services Details
Minimum order charges for Non-Member clients residing in Zone 1 (Islamabad E, F, G, H &i sectors)
Minimum order charges for Non-Member clients residing in Zone 2 (Bani Gala, BharaKahu, Bahria Town, PWD, DHA, & Rawalpindi etc)
Bathroom & Kitchen Service
Bathroom Service (Drain and Toilet Seat Tank Cleaning) Per Point / Drain / Seat Tank
Drain Blockage opening per drain
Drain Blockage (Toilet Seat) opening per drain
Kitchen Service (Drain Cleaning) Per Point / Drain
General Plumbing Service
Bathroom Accessory 8 / 10 Piece Set Installation (Towel Rack + Toilet Roll + Soap Holder etc)
Bathroom (New Construction) Piping Hot and Cold Pipe lines with Sewerage Connection
Bathroom Equipment Installation with Toilet Seat (Incl. Bathtub and Piping)
Bathtub Installation
Flush Button & Lever Change / Repair
Jacuzzi Installation
Muslim Shower Repair / Replacement
Pressure Motor – Pressure Pump – Installation (to fix low pressure issue)
Motor – Water Bore Motor – Installation (Submersible / missile type)
Sink / Basin Installation / Replacement
Sink Spindle Change
Tap (Mixer) Repair / Replacement
Tap (Small Single Tap) Replacement
Toilet Seat English Fitting or Replacement (Excluding Drain / Piping)
Geyser (Classic Gas type) Installation without piping
Geyser (Instant Water Heater type) Installation
Geyser Thermostate and General Service
Residential Oven / Stove Installation
Commercial Oven / Stove Installation or Repair for Guesthouses, Hotels & Restaurants
Water Tank & Water Draining Services
Draining and / or removing Water from Flooded Basement or Room – Submersible Pump (Sump pump) Service
Tank Cleaning (Cement Roof / Top Water Tank)
Tank Cleaning (Cement Underground / Septic Tank / Floor Water Tank)
Tank Cleaning (Plastic)
Tank Float Ball Replacement
Tank Installation (Plastic Tank Single or Multiple Line)